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Knife handle spacers. Dust of Ebony wood filler powder.

redwood knife scales spacers

1020 Redwood Burl (Sequoia sempervirens)

Very nice tight grain old-growth redwood burl scales (thin wood) that can be used for spacer material, folder knives, jewelry making, etc.

1 scale @ 1/8 x 2 x 7-1/4″ size …$3.95
(27 available)

Magic Potion (Dust of Ebony) black wood filler powder

9999 Dust of Ebony (fancy wood filler powder)

99% pure black ebony comes from black Diospyros ebenum and D. crassiflora wood. To insure purity, Dust of Ebony is carefully separated and collected during our sanding and milling operation. It is sifted into fine pure black powder and then packaged in a zip-lock poly bag for your convenience. Dust of Ebony powder can be mixed with cyanoacrylate (super glue) and used as wood filler for both repair and artistic expression. The possibilities are endless limited only by your imagination.

Dust of Ebony wood filler powder …$5.95 (1/2oz)